Monday, June 08, 2015
RSA 06/08/2015
An admission of an omission, and content featuring a couple of different compilations. We've got a great show for everyone this week, unbelievably early for a summer weekend. Next weekend was supposed to be a late show, but it looks like my little trip is going to be rained out. So look for another great show in an "early" time slot next week!

Patenbrigade Wolff - Im Eis
Mechanical Cabaret - I Lost My Friend To A Video Game (Analogue)
Ashbury Heights - Phantasmagoria
Technolorgy - Damsel In Distress
3jean - Nfn9 (2015 Edit)
Blutengel - Not Me (Leave In Silence)
Dream Recall - In Control
POS.2 - My Dream