Monday, July 27, 2015
RSA 07/27/2015
So I've never had 2 weeks off in a row from work, and with my second week off, I got real industrious (pardon the pun) and got cracking on getting RSA complete. I can easily say that I'm so well caught up that there is no reason I could possibly get a show out late for like the next month. This week we've got some great new stuff as we put a compilation to bed, and even squeak in a cover tune!

Zombie Girl - Panic Attack (Avarice In Audio)
Entrzelle - Come Through (Violate)
Alkemic Generator - Back To Origin
Dominatrix - Alone (Agressive Pulsar)
Desastroes - My Inspiration
Dark Empire - Against The Storm Inside
Aesthetische - Sadness
Substaat - Watch (Technomancer & Angst Pop)