Monday, February 15, 2016
RSA 02/15/2016
Welcome to the third week of the annual membership drive! February marks the time on the RSA calendar when I go hat in hand to you, my devoted listeners, with hopes of donations to keep the show going for another year. This year, like always, we have some really amazing prizes donated by some really amazing people. If you can help out, please consider hitting the membership page and adding your name to the list of illustrious supporters!

Vaylon - In Divide
Tyske Ludder - Hierophilie (Rotersand)
Rare Facture - Perception (People Theatre)
SynthAttack - Your Lies (Binary Division)
Studio-X vs. Simon Carter - Mutual Return (VV303)
Evo-Lution - Controversy Between
A7Ie - Fallacious Chrysalis
Alien Vampires - All The Fakes Must Die (Benjamins Plague)