Tuesday, May 03, 2016
RSA 05/02/2016
Seeing as how I haven't moved to a more Mediterranean climate, I had plenty of time to get RSA done this weekend. Actually, I got so far ahead of myself that I sat around bored all day Sunday. Remind me that I'm going away in a few weeks, and I'll have to have an extra show done early so that we don't miss a week!

Amorphous - Lucid Dreams (Aesthetische)
Diversant 13 - Stars & Stripes
Halo Effect - The Game Of Life
Tyske Ludder - Meskalin
Atom Zero - Velocity (Vain Machine)
RIP - Drunk Mission (Rebeca Vorig)
A7IE - Face To Death (C-Lekktor)
Bukser - No Dreams Land