Monday, September 19, 2016
RSA 09/19/2016
As noted below, we are now accepting pre-orders on the new 2016 RSA T-Shirt! Make sure to put your order in if you want one, as we do a very limited run and there aren't many extras after I've sent out the orders, held a few for the membership drive, and sent out a few as gifts!

But lets not forget the reason for the shirt, the show!

Covenant - Sound Mirrors
Studio-X vs. Simon Carter - Move On
Assemblage 23 - Bravery (Interface)
In Strict Confidence - Everything Must Change (Melotron)
Beborn Beton - She Cried (Extended Club)
Extize - Guns, Gasoline, & Cowbell
Mesh - The Ride
Binary Division - My World