Tuesday, December 20, 2016
RSA 12/19/2016
So this, the last "regular" show of 2016 really isn't that ordinary as it goes out to one of our listeners, and someone who helped RSA out in a big way some 15 years ago. Sadly, we lost Vance Trancygier a couple of years ago and I only just found out. So this show is dedicated to his memory, and the hopes that I pay better attention to whats going on around me. Lets all hope that 2017 is a better year then the one thats coming to a close.

Mondtraume - Life Is Short (Cosmic Armchair)
Alien Nation - SM Citizens (Avarice In Audio)
Tolchock - Rage Love Fear (Club)
Mildreda - Fire (Psy'Aviah)
Faderhead - Sick City (October)
Seelennacht - Nostalgie
Substaat - Love Is A Shield
SITD - Brother Death