Monday, September 10, 2018
RSA 09/10/2018
Man, what a difference a week makes! Last weekend while I was finishing this show I had to strategically turn the AC off to record bits, and then turn it back on for a respite from the heat and humidity. Today I'm considering putting on a sweater and packing the AC away! My favorite time of the year with (admittedly) my favorite genre of music! Yep, this week we go bouncy with a Synthpop show. So much good new music this week!

Pleasure Time - Tranquility (Nordika)
Solar Fake - Just Like This (Patenbrigade Wolff)
Syrian - Distance
Arctic Sunrise - Stars (Pos.2)
!Distain - SynthPopBoy (Parralox)
Code 64 - Annie
Ashbury Heights - Firebird
Technique - Last Beat