Sunday, September 23, 2018
RSA 09/24/2018
Today was one of those days where I was super motivated to be working on RSA and my own computing hobbies in general. One of the problems with being an IT drone is that after spending 8+ hours in front of a computer for work, the idea of spending more time in front of another can sometimes be... meh. But today I had some great new stuff to mix, and everything just came together.

Metroland - Memorabilia (Zusammenklang)
Solar Fake - The Pain That Kills You Too (Mr. Kitty)
Lederman DeMeyer - Back To Nature (Radical G)
Code 64 - Daylight
Schwarzchild - Seven (All The Ashes)
Pleasure Time - I Will Not Repeat (Arian 1)
Soman - Growler (The Jeyenne)
Promenade Cinema - As The World Stops Revolving