Sunday, September 30, 2018
RSA 10/01/2018
Welcome to another artificial milestone, as this show marks 250 months of RSA. It seems like hitting 20 years has brought us a lot of milestones, like 1000 shows, etc. 2019 is going to bring me other milestones, as it looks like I'll be doing more live sets than ever. Not only with out friends in Washington, but also in Yorkshire. But I've said too much. I look forward to meeting more and more of you in the coming year!

Projekt Ich - Doch Das, Was Blieb (Schwarzstern)
Supercraft - This Time Is Mine
Vyrtual Zociety - Anthropocene (Interplanetary)
Any Second - Seelenhugel (SITD)
Analogue-X - Another Time (Alexis Voice)
Elektrostaub - Birthday And Death (Cyborgdrive)
Aiboforcen - Ritual Control
State Of The Union - Mindless (Logic-B)