Monday, December 09, 2019
RSA 12/09/2019
We're getting closer and closer to Christmas, and me having far too much free time on my hands! This means we're getting closer to what is looking like an epic best of show for 2019 (there's been sooo much good music released this year!) and to the beginning of more goodies from me to you for the 2020 membership drive. But until then, we're into the last few shows of 2019, and the music coming does not disappoint! Looks like 2020 will be as great as 2019!

Stars Crusaders - Army Of Impostors (Unity One)
Unity One - Bring The Storm (SITD)
Reichsfeind - Oblivion
Eisfabrik - And Nothing Turns (Robotiko Rejekto)
Fractal Age - Modern World
Kuroshio - Room 10
ES23 - When I'm Gone
Sea Of Sin - I Live My Life (Neo)