Saturday, December 21, 2019
RSA 12/23/2019
OK, here's the last show of the year before we get to the best of finale. This will be the show that you listen to on Christmas morning with your new devices and equipment, so I tried to make it extra special. I even included some encouragement to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I rarely do this. I'm getting this show posted a little early so that I don't run out of time early next week. Many things to do and stock up on before the holidays!

Metallspurhunde - Elemente
Reichsfeind - Riots
Analogue-X - Rising In The Dark (Paralyzed)
Fused - Body Moves
Faderhead - Watching The Watchers
Prometheus Flame - The Knight's Dream
Halo Effect - Melt My Brain (Abyssal Chaos)
Agonoize - Kiss Me Kill Me