Sunday, January 05, 2020
RSA 01/06/2020
Welcome to 2020! Officially the 3rd decade of Real Synthetic Audio, as we rapidly approach our 22nd anniversary, and the annual membership drive! I was actually "good" this year in that I didn't spend the entirety of the holidays working on future shows getting weeks ahead of myself. But there's some clearing out of the 2019 "inbox" left to do, so enjoy this show, looks like I picked mostly harsher EBM this week!

Stahlnebel & Black Selket - Your Love
Halo Effect - We'll Meet Again For The Last Dance (Weever)
Velvet Acid Christ - Conviction
A Spell Inside - Way
Fix8 Sed8 - Parasite Paradise
Cygnosic - The Fear Within
SynthAttack - Join Us
Accessory - Elektrik