Sunday, January 12, 2020
RSA 01/13/2020
Well getting at least a little ahead of myself (shows done for future dates) bit me a little last week, as I rushed to get everything posted and got confused as to which show I was actually posting! Twitter and Facebook posts were... confused for about 20 minutes. But now we have the first show actually produced in 2020, and the confusion is while not gone, at least back to normal values. Once again it seems I went towards harsh electro this week, so get your stompy boots on!

Vyrtual Zociety - Existence
Electro Fear - Halloween
K-141 - Lipstick Cherry Virus
Empirion - Red Noise (The Dark Prince)
Agonoize - Bleed For me
SITD - The Devil's Tongue
C-Lekktor - War (Circuito Cerrado)
Consumer Junk - Disconnect