Sunday, January 26, 2020
RSA 01/27/2020
Finally got around to my main winter project this year, updating the main RSA storage array. But thanks to backing up the contents to portable hard drives and then copying the stuff back, the directories in my "inbox" all have the same date. Usually I sort everything by date so that I have a good idea of whats dropping off the radar, but now I'll be flying blind for the next few months! The membership drive officially starts next week, but I'll be putting the pages online soon so you can have a peek at the prizes to be won if you haven't been following us on FB/Twitter/Insta.

A Spell Inside - Rise (BOOMbastic)
RROYCE - Someone Elses Life
Faderhead - Murder
Rhys Fulber - Misery Whip (Tommy 47)
Numb - When Gravity Fails
Ten After Dawn - Tell Me
Culttastic - Accel World
Angeltheory - Noise Information