Monday, March 09, 2020
RSA 03/09/2020
OK, I'm technically a day late, but we had a burst of sudden beautiful spring weather here in Toronto, and I made the executive decision that RSA could wait a day and go back to the "summer" schedule of being posted on Mondays this week so I could go out and realize how out of shape I am! All of the prizes are in the mail, and I'll be down to visit my friends in DC in July!

Massiv In Mensch - Tanzmusik 2.0 (Patenbrigade Wolff)
Eisfabrik - Greetings From Far Away
Intent Outtake - Auf Ewigkeit (Club)
Mordacious - Bleed
Croona - Dare To Die (Schwarzstern)
Insight - I Don't Like The Future
Parralox - Nemesis
Cellmod - Fire Storm