Sunday, March 15, 2020
RSA 03/16/2020
What a crazy week it's been. Hopefully we all have time to take a break from hoarding toilet paper and canned soup to sit back, relax for a bit, and enjoy some great new music! Over the next couple of weeks I'll be posting a new mix set or two on Mixcloud so that all of us spending far too much time at home have a little something extra to pass the time. But until then we have our regularly scheduled new show for you all!

Studio-X vs. Simon Carter - Disconnected (Cyberpunk)
Cellmod - The Machine (2019)
Technolorgy - Godd
Narconic - Aphelion
Channel East - Save Me
RROYCE - Parallel World (Solitary Experiments)
Culttastic - I'm The Night
Schwarzchild - Im Speigel (Desastroes)