Sunday, April 05, 2020
RSA 04/06/2020
We're all keeping ourselves safe? Good. After more than 3 weeks of isolation and physical distancing, I'll admit I'm going a bit squirrely. But we'll come out the other side, hopefully have learned something as individuals and societies, and I'm placing a very strong bet on a year or so of 1920's style Bacchanalia. But until then, we keep to our schedules, and I'm happy that one of my schedules is providing some entertainment for you with...

Velvet May - I Won't Shed A Tear
Electro Spectre - Where Two hearts Meet (Classic Club)
Kontravoid - So It Seems (Fractions)
Nuit Noire - Resistance
Miseria Ultima - Remote Warning
Chainreactor - Nothing
Synapsyche - Viva Insanity (Schwarzstern)
Vyrtual Zociety - Sci Fi Citizen