Sunday, April 12, 2020
RSA 04/13/2020
Week 4, and I think I'm slowly adjusting to the new reality. But it feels strange to be in the middle of a 4 day weekend and not be able to go out even for a bite to eat. But we all have to do our part. I'm just hoping that I'm still able to get some epic cycling done this summer. Even if I have to stay in Canada. 2021 could be the year I finally get back to Europe. But as a break from the world outside, I bring you...

Octolab - Out In The Cold
Chorea Minor - Question Mark
Sleepless Droids - Dust (Substance)
Steril - Black Jesus
Torul - Best Moments (Extended Club)
Neuroactive - Forbidden Pleasures
Insight - Aching Heart
BloodConnek7ion - Elixir de Sangre (Stellar Dynamics)