Sunday, May 31, 2020
RSA 06/01/2020
So last week I took an impromptu vacation, just to get away from staring at the same monitor for damn near 12 hours a day. I wasn't "feeling it" and rather than put out a sub par show, I figured I needed a break. So here we are refreshed and ready to go! We're re-printing the 2015 T-Shirt design by popular demand, and I encourage you to order one if you haven't already. This is it for RSA shirts. So as the summer starts and movement gets relaxed a little, hopefully RSA remains your soundtrack!

RSA T-Shirt -

Suppressor - Sunyata (Viscera Drip)
Absurd Minds - One Blood
Desastroes - Heimkehr
Probe - Tension (Tom Wax)
Viktor Kalima - Protruder
Unitcode Machine - Paper Empires (Technolorgy)
Agonoize - A Vampire Tale (Blutdurst)
Synapsyche - Push!