Monday, August 17, 2020
RSA 08/17/2020
After an impromptu vacation to unplug myself from work and as much as I could from social media, I'm back and fairly refreshed with a brand new show for everyone. The shirts are being picked up this weekend, and I hope to get the first packages in the mail on Wednesday. So here's some great new music for everyone while you sit patiently by your mailbox.

Avoid-A-Void - Until I Paralyze (Ancient Step)
Aesthetische - One In This World
System Syn - The Wreckage
Frozen Plasma - Rivers
Provision - Afraid
Conscience - Collapsing Minds (Extended)
Dark-O-Matic - A Cage With The Door Wide Open (Elektronnoe)
Synapsyche - Hyperfuck (Chamaeleon)