Monday, August 31, 2020
RSA 08/31/2020
All of the shirt orders are in the mail, and the sales have been opened for the very limited number that I got as "extras" so make sure you hit the T-Shirt page if you haven't already! I'm actually on vacation this week, but I'm sticking close to home to give myself time to get caught up on boring stuff, and some really fun stuff like getting new episodes of RSA out to everyone!

BlakLight - Isolation
Art Deko - Whispers (Fabricio Chollet)
Kontrast - Der Sarkophag (Electric Toys)
Soman - Neurologist (Club)
Train To Spain - Monsters (Mystic Experience)
Uncreated - My Core Is Dying
Fairlight Children - Invade My Heart Tonight (Alex O)
God Module - Display (Ruined Conflict)