Monday, September 21, 2020
RSA 09/21/2020
Without getting into too much detail, the last week has been difficult for me. I think its important to acknowlege the times when we're just plain not OK. The pandemic seems to have a rough effect every couple of months or so, and I try to stamp it down and remind myself that there are people a lot worse off than myself. But its important to acknowlege that even "first world problems" are still problems. But I'm lucky. I can escape this for just a little while each week by immersing myself in bringing great EBM and Industrial to you with show like...

Humans Can't Reboot - Reboot (Club)
Aghast View - Ascentic (Extended Dark)
Synapscape - The Claw (Cervello Elettronico)
Les Anges De La Nuit - Ma Folie (Kossa)
Prometheus Flame - Magic Spell (Club)
Soman - Global (Vocal)
N-Frequency - Perfect World (Rob Dust)
Klack - Rhythm Of The System